Help to get that flawless foundation look - Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

When it came to deciding how to apply my foundation, I admittedly always used to use my fingers..I know so yuk!! But that was years ago...I started off with a foundation brush but realised it was never flawless for me and always clung to my dry patches too much and I could never even it out or blend it properly. So, you can imagine when I found this beauty in my local boots I had to try it. I couldn't believe it was only £5.99 compared to the prices of some of the popular beauty blenders this was really good. What I find useful about this particular sponge is that it comes with 3 different sides giving you all the options of applying without all the different brushes! These 3 sides, I've labeled on the top pic:

  • The flat edge - this is the side I use most for under my eyes, my cheek area and my forehead 
  • The precision point - this I mainly use if I need to touch up during the day but it's very good to use when covering up anything you want to dissapear! 
  • The rounded sides - this is the main bit of the sponge to blend out on larger areas of your face. 
For best results with this sponge definitely use it damp, if it's too dry, it's hard to blend out and make use of the foundation that you have. So soak the sponge and squeeze out all the excess till damp then apply. The sponge will grow in size and then you can spread a small bit of foundation a long way, it also makes your foundation routine so much quicker!

I like to have a full coverage and I have used this beauty sponge with about 3/4 foundations and it definitely allows me to build up to a full coverage without going patchy or look like I've put to much on!

This will definitely be my go to on how to put my foundation on, I am yet to try a beauty blender of any type, so if you already have please comment below if you'd think I'd like the beauty blender, I'd love to try it!

Thanks again for reading!
R.H x

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