Looking After Your Skin & Different Types of Skin


Having a skin routine

It can sometimes sound like a chore when it comes to finding a skin care routine that works for you. I for one can definitely not stick to the same routine. Of course I have my favourites that I will use religiously, simply because I believe they work well for me. I believe once you begin having a skin regime you won't be able to go without it. Especially if your finding it's showing results. Its considered to keep a daily up keep of your routine to maintain best results for you.

For me, the best time to do my skin care routines is in the morning, when I wake up, after I shower, and before I go to bed. I have 2 different routines for the morning and the evening. My evening one is definitely more important to me. I think that it's nice to leave your skin to work its magic overnight. I like using water based products. For example, I will use a micellar water instead of a make up wipe as I believe this is kinder for the skin. I will also use a toner. I love tea tree oil based toners as this really feels like its working to clear my skin. I will use this in the evening. In the morning I would use more of a refreshing, replenishing skin toner to wake my skin up for a fresh day look and normally just moisturiser as a base before I prime my face. One main important thing I love doing before I go to bed is using my Olay Pro X brush with my Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 face wash and mask. I like to apply it as a mask and leave it on for 5 minutes, this reduces redness and gets working on my pores. Then I like to use my Olay brush to massage the product in, working as a face wash to thoroughly moisturise and then rinse, this makes my skin feel silky smooth and fresh. This routine works perfect for me.  I will go ahead and use other products I feel I need to improve my skin at the time. E.g., spot control cream or a rich moisturiser if I am feeling dry. I also have a tea tree oil face wash I use instead of the Neutrogena just in case my skins has break outs.

'Its so important to focus and look after yourself'
I believe its so important to understand the type of skin that you have and how you should be treating it on a daily basis. Choosing the best skin care for your face and body is essential in your skins health and just looking after yourself during your ageing process! There are 5 different types of skin these are: dry, normal, combination, sensitive and oily.
If you have normal skin, this means there is no trace of oil in your skin, your skin appears and feels soft and smooth and stays hydrated enough for an even skin tone.
If you have oily skin this means that you'll have certain places on your face, mainly forehead, chin and nose that'll produce more oil than necessary throughout the day. If you do have oily skin its very important to make sure you have a good cleansers to wash away the oil left on your face during the day.
If you have dry skin it means that your skin isn't producing enough oils to keep it soft and smooth. The skin can be flaky and feel tight throughout the day. Its important to find moisturisers that are rich and soak into the skin properly to give it a deep but gentle cleanse.
If you have combination skin this means that you will have dry spots and oily spots. The oily spots normally form around your t-zone section. The dry bits can form around your mouth, cheeks and eye areas can get quite dry as well. Its good to make sure that you buy the right products for combination skin as you could risk using the wrong product and making your skin either more oily or to dry. You can get combination skin make up wipes which will focus on the right areas of your face and protect them against dry and oily skin.
Having sensitive skin is different for different people. It could mean that you have sensitive skin due to a skin condition like eczema or your skin can become easily irritated. There are so many masks and skin care products that specialise for sensitive skin. Treating your skin gently is very important and making sure your not scrubbing or using harsh exfoliators.
I hope this has been helpful and encourages people to want to take care of their skin! There are so many products you can purchase under £5 that are brilliant! So keep an eye out and try some!
R.H x

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