Revolution Ultra Professional Contour Palette


Revolution Ultra Professional Contour Palette

To start off with I can honestly say this is the best contour palette I've tried, without having to spend a lot of money. Since I decided to purchase this I've had a lot of fun testing out which shape is best for me to sculpt and define my face. This palette contains the perfect shades, both for a subtle contour during the day and for the more defined, night, glamorous stand out contour. The palette is priced at £8.

Ok so lets have a look at the palette, It contains, 3 contour shades, 3 lighter highlight shades and 2 baked illuminating highlighters which gives you a beautiful glow. Looking closer at the colours of these powders. The highlight powders consist of (starting from top row left to right) one that's a creamy pink, one that's a banana, yellow colour and the other a lighter nude/gold, this pan has a slight shimmer to use as a subtle highlight, however the other 2 are matte powders.

The 3 contour shades (bottom row starting from left to right), the first contour colour is a pinky bronze colour, the next is a light camel nude colour and the last colour is a deep baked bronzed colour. all of which are matte.

The 2 baked illuminating highlighters on the right hand side of the photo are beautifully pigmented and consist of (top right) a silver/white glitter with gold veins running through it to give it that golden glow. The second illuminating highlighter (bottom right) is a champagne gold to give that very bronzed highlight.

The highlight and contour colours are a very creamy texture. If you are a fan of powder contouring but not so it looks caky then you'll love the texture of these powders. As the palette has such a range in between the shades, there is a shade for everyone, whether you are more tanned or on the slightly paler side.

I found that mixing the 2nd and 3rd of the contour colours worked best for me and using the highlighter in the bottom row gave me that ultimate glow. Here are some pictures of the finished make-up look.

As you can see the highlight is very illuminating, compared to other highlighters I have used I'd definitely say that this one completed my make up look nicely. The contour shades blend so easily into any foundation or base because of the creamy texture. This is such a bargain at £8.

Tell me your experience if you have purchased this palette or let me know of other contour palettes you have tried that you have enjoyed?

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