Finding the Best Self Tanner


There's nothing better than keeping your golden glow in these winter days. To keep your glow going the best you can for as long as you can it helps to find a self tanner that works for your skin type and your skin tone. Trust me there is definitely one for every type with so many brands that have proven to get good reviews. 

I've been wearing fake tan for many years and I would say that I struggle to stick to one and I'm yet to find one that I absolutely love. The three that I have pictured above are the 3 different types of tanners that work for me. Occasionally I go to get spray tans but this is only when I have an event to go to or I'm being lazy and I can't be bothered to do it myself!

The three main types I use are a mist, a gradual tanner and my main tanner I use is a lotion. I have recently been loving the Bondi Sands range. I got the lotion in 'dark' but the medium gives a nice colour too. This has a really easy and simple application. Compared to other lotion tanners this tanner glides on so smooth giving a really blend-able coverage. When left for a few hours and washed off this gives you a nice colour gradually after 4-6 hours that lasts for about 4-7 days. This tan comes off quite nice for me without being too patchy. Definitely one I will be re-buying, but would love to try more of the range. 

I between ex-foliating my whole tan off and re-applying a new coat, I like to use a gradual tanner. The gradual tanner that I have been liking is from the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanner. I also love using the Dove Nourishing Summer Glow Body Lotion, this is an amazing gradual tanner that doesn't make you go to dark but gives you that subtle glow. I tend to use a gradual tanner before I go to bed and these lotions are a white/light brown cream that tend to not be slimy and dry quickly. 

The instant self tanning mist by St Moritz is the best spray that I've tried so far. I tend to use this as just a quick top up after a shower in between tanning. This spray goes on so easy and then rubbed in with a mitt after, it gives a lovely deep glow. This is definitely my quick fix before I go out. It's so quick and easy to use. This is definitely best suited for people with naturally smooth skin and a confident fake tanner. One tip is to hold the spray can upside down to reach those tricky bits. 

For all these tanners you need to ex-foliate your dry areas if you want a nice easy.  application. Making sure you start with a small amount of product and build it up remembering that it does develop over the hours and gets darker. When washing your tan off don't use an exfoliate or rub your skin, just let the water run over your body to take that top layer of tan off. Hope my routine is helpful for new tanners or people wanting a new routine.

Happy tanning!
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