Prepping your skin for autumn/winter


I can't believe summer has disappeared already, where did it go? The last few days I've definitely been browsing the internet trying to find some warmer clothes to start snuggling into on those cold winter nights. Personally the colder weather is my favourite. It's a good excuse to buy a gorgeous statement coat, some pretty warm jumpers and can't forget some beautiful leather boots.

However with the massive, sudden change in weather that the UK had, there comes a change in my skin care routine for morning and night. Because of the change to the colder and windier weather our skin mixes up a bit and this weather can change our skin; its texture, dryness & overall feel, for most people this is definitely a change we don't want to have. From previous winter experiences my skin definitely gets dryer in the certain areas that get colder. It's definitely duller and my skin feels weaker than it does in the summer months where it feels like its more moisturised and fuller.

Therefore, I feel like a skincare update is definitely due. So I can fill you in with the certain products that I introduce as extras into my skin care routine. Some of these products are in the same categories as the ones I already use, e.g. skin care for my pores & spot control. However these products I introduce into my winter skin care routine are slightly stronger and provide me with more 'care' than usual.

5 Steps to clean, tone, refresh and moisturise your skin to prepare for those dry winter skin months.
1. I always start any skin care routine making sure that any make up that is on my face is completely cleared off my skin so I can start with a fresh base to replenish. I know 9 times out of 10 when your tired after a long day you just want to grab a make up wipe and give it a rough once over just so you can get to sleep...ME 24/7. But to bribe me into not doing this I have become a huge fan of micellar water. My favourite at the minute and will be for a long while is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, with this product it dissolves all your make up off your face in a few wipes, cleanses the face and sooths out your skin, leaving a very silky finish. I use this product on a plain cotton pad and swipe it around my face without having to rub and leave redness on the skin.
2. To then wash out my face and give it the pampering it needs, I firstly wash my pores away by using Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, for me this cleanser has a really deep, thorough clean without being rough on the skin. When used with my Olay Pro-X Brush which I have mentioned in previous posts as I can't live without it, the cleanser turns into foam when put on a wet face to purify and remove trapped dirt. After using this product my skin definitely feels tighter and extremely smooth.
3.  A definitely extra that I then add to my skin care routine is a face wash that adds radiance and moisture to my face whilst tackling any possible breakouts the dry weather might give me. For this I have found that the Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast Gel Wash. I definitely prefer using gel washes rather than cream washes as I feel like it gives your skin that extra plump effect and hydrates my skin to its fullest. This product contains Aloe Vera and cucumber extracts which help not to over dry the skin when being used. I apply this to a wet face and it massages in gently using my fingertips, without having to use too much product to cover my face. This step is perfect for finishing off cleansing as it leaves the skin feeling super soft and cleansed.
4. My step 4 is very easy. I just simply use a make up wipe to wash away any product or make up that may be left one my face. (There shouldn't be any!) But just in case. I like using make up wipes that are very wet. I have fell in love with the Johnsons Face Care Wipes they come in a range of wipes for different types of skin and my favourites are definitely the 'moisturising' and 'refreshing', these are both very wet wipes that leave the skin feeling wet but dry beautifully. This is refreshing step for the morning leaving your skin feeling more awake and fresh faced. Perfect for dry skin at the end of a long day wearing make up or at night after this routine.
5. My final step is my cream moisturiser. I tend to use very rich moisturisers in the winter. I find that the Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser is a formula that is perfect if you don't want that greasy finish to your skin. The formula is very light and hydrating and leaves a matte finish on the skin, however much product your place. This moisturiser gets into the skin leaving it feel plump and full and it is very illuminating whilst reducing redness.
That is the end of my winter skin care routine and it's definitely working for me, so why don't you give it a go, or let me know what your favourite skin care products are for the colder months?

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