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Get The Look & Review: The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


Hello the Naked 3 Palette. I have been waiting to get my hands on a good quality eyeshadow palette and I was lucky enough to receive this off my wonderful partner. When I was doing my research, comparing the different Naked Palettes, my decision to favour this palette was simply over the fact that I favourited the most amount of shades in this compared to the Naked original and Naked 2 Palette. I had a moment in time looking into the Naked Basics Palettes, but I wanted to be able to create new looks using the shimmery options you receive in this Palette. So decided that Naked 3 Palette was the one for me.

This Palette is complete with 12 different shades, ranging from base shades through to bold shimmery shades. Compared to the other palette the 3 palette has been a new founder of rose coloured shades but still combining this with your deeper smokey eye looks. 

The quality of each individual shade are like velvet and this makes the shadow blend smoothly. From experience of using this palette nearly everyday, the shadow stays put all day and the colour pigment stay bright throughout the day, especially when using the shimmery shades. 

Each palette comes with a very usable double ended eyeshadow brush/blending brush. The quality of this brush amazed me. I was very happy that I will not have to go out and purchase a blending brush, this one does the job very well. You can feel secure that you are guaranteed to have a flawless finish overtime. 

I would definitely recommend this palette and I hope Urban Decay carry on making these so we can enjoy more new shades! 


- Base: Strange
- Crease: Dust + Trick
- Lid: Burnout 
- Outer Corner: Buzz

Rimmel by Kate Moss Lipstick Collection in Number 43

Mac Honey Love Matte Lipstick 

Mac Lipglass in C-Thru 

My Favourite Beauty Products of 2015


Hi Guys, today I thought I would put together a post that showed you the priciest I have been loving and using the most through the year 2015. Some of these products I have used for a few years but still thought I'd feature them as I 100% would recommend them! 

So here is a run down of my favourite products.

Best Perfumes: Get yourself smelling as fresh as a daisy with Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. This perfume is a combination of floral and fruity. It has a very delicate but rich fragrance with an essence of grapefruit and jasmine. What I like is that one spray goes the whole day. 

Or you can go for a more exotic smell with the DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum. I got this last year and have re-bought it twice since. If you are a fan of an apple essence you'll adore this. So fresh and fruity with hints of cucumber, still having that pretty smell with dashes of rose and magnolia. Definitely one you have to try!

Best Lipstick: I think I must of bought the Mac Honey Love lipstick about 20 million times this year. At first when I purchased it I wasn't really sure about it but now I struggle to wanna wear anything else. It also works lush as a pair with lip liner spice. Definitely that perfect nude. 

Best Under Eye Products: I have recently just picked up my 2nd Prep and Prime Highlighter Pen. This is definitely up there with my favourite purchases. It just leaves such a beautiful, bright underage without getting into creases. I use the colour light boost, this brings such a light, sheer wash of colour to my make up looks and lasts all day. It's not cakey and blends in perfectly to all my face products. It is also the perfect touch up for anything you want to hide. 

My second favourite eye product is the Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm. I never used to believe that under eye creams did anything, especially as I was already using moisturiser under my eyes I didn't wanna pack on anything unnecessary. I love the Simple brand and they also product products that are extra kind to the skin and leave such a noticeable difference. I use this before I go to bed at night and I can feel the balm tightening the skin straight after putting it on. It reduces the puffiness and the dark under eye circles and a plus is that it is perfect for sensitive skin, especially as that under eye area is so delicate. I wouldn't use any other eye balm and have been using this religiously every night. 

Favourite Nails: YAY, I bought my first O.P.I nail polish a few months ago and I definitely adore this brand already. As I work in a hospital I never can paint my nails or get them done but I still can pay attention to my toes! On my days off if I'm going out or have plans I tend to rely on stick on acrylics. I have recently just been getting bare ones so I can use this gorgeous colour. It's called 'Do you take lei away' and its a nice nude/stone colour. Glides on beautifully and dries immediately. I will definitely be purchasing more of the O.P.I colours for the future. 

Best Lashes: I literally rely on this lashes on a day to day basis. I never wear any others, unless I want a more dramatic look. These are the Eyelure #143. These are from the exaggerate range and are double layered, wispy lashes...PERFECT, right?! They are the perfect blend of lashes and are perfect for an everyday subtle look. These last me loads of wears when cleaned properly. I tend to not apply mascara to my false lashes as I find it shortens their life and makes them look clogged up. I will be re-purchasing these lashes for years to come! (unfortunately sold out at the minute but keep looking!)

Best Foundation: I started off wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation a few years ago. I did go through a stage of trying loads of the different popular foundations. However the last year I went back to the double wear and I thoroughly believe that I will never change from this foundation unless it was discontinued (TOUCH WOOD). This foundation honestly is my holy grail. I love how a tiny bit goes a long way. It is medium to full coverage but I'd say it was a definite full coverage. This foundation does what it says and does last 15 hours. I'd say even more than 15 hours! It clings to the skin and stays flawless all day without clinging to the dry patches. It blends so well with concealers and contour powders. It has SPF 10 and 100% stays fresh through the hottest of heats and if your a make up wearer in the gym this will be your best friend. I wear colour Honey Bronze.

Favourite Hair Mask: I love to use a hair mask as I wear a full head of hair extensions most of the time and I feel like this is a step in my shower routine that refreshes and brings my natural hair back to life. I also use this on my hair extensions from time to time and it works a treat. This particular hair mask I have been loving is the Nicky Clarke Deep Treat Moisture Lock Mask. This mask has kerastrength and consists of patchouli oil and macadamia. This is perfect for people with dry or coarse hair, I don't but I wanted a really deep condition. I honestly never have felt my hair feel like how this mask makes it feel in  my life. I was drying my hair after removing the mask and it was so silky and shiny and felt like I'd just walked out of the hairdressers. It blends sufficiently into your hair and you leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it out. I do this at least once a week to provide my hair with the nourishment it needs. 

Favourite Brush: I have been using this brush the whole year mainly as my bronzer brush as I don't tend to wear powder over the top of my makeup. The Real Techniques Powder Brush I feel is the perfect shape and sculpted brush to do the job properly. Its a very good blending brush and evenings out my make up flawlessly. Definitely recommend this to be part of your brush collection.

I hope that you have enjoyed viewing my favourite products of the year. I hope to be lucky enough to try some more amazing products before the year ends! Let me know what your favourite products of the year are. 


Photo-ready Makeup: 5 of the best anti-shine products for oily skin


Forehead glare, shiny nose, we've probably all been there. Unfortunately it happens to us at the times we don't want it to right? For example, you're out its all hot and sweaty, you have that pic at the club with your mates and you see it the next morning...WHY MY FACE SO SHINY?! Unlucky for us, when your in a hot environment your skin produces oils to protect it from the environment around it. Before you know it it's straight to the nearest toilet to pack on the powder...but we don't like this powdering look right? 

I, myself use to suffer from having those problem area, e.g. my forehead and top of my nose which use to get quite oily throughout the day. I hate powder foundations & translucent powders, as i prefer more of the dewy make up finish. But I didn't wanna look oily. I never used to wear primers because I didn't believe that they did anything or lengthen the time of my foundation wear. I had a change of mind a few months back and decided to start trying some primers and alternative products that decreased the shine to my face. 

These 5 products are tried and tested and are ones that I LOVE that I want to share.

1.  No7 Stay Perfect Shine Free Primer.

This is an oil free, non pore blocking primer that sits flawlessly on the skin. It prepares your skin for make up applications giving it a longer lasting finish, locking in the make up. This product helps to block the shine and protect the pores. I used this products everyday for a week wearing Estee lauder double wear foundation. As this foundation has a long time wearing period anyway this helped to keep the foundation looking as fresh as it was when I first put it on.

2. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation.

This foundation literally does what it says on the tube. At £7.99 it is a bargain buy and provides you with 24 hour wear. NOT that I am every going to be wearing it for that long! This foundation has a waterproof formula, which provides you with a non-cakey finish. This foundation definitely stamps out all element of shine. When wearing this foundation I recommend still wearing a highlighter to give you that natural, healthy glow.

3. Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray.

Wherever I'm going on a daily basis I have to finish off my make up with a setting spray to give me that peace of mind that my make up is all blended and going to stay like that. This setting spray is one that'll leave you that dewy, fresh faced look without looking to shiny a definite for a night out. The formula is like a strong hairspray to the face like old times. You can definitely rely on one spray in the morning lasting you all day.

4. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder.

For those people, like me, who don't like putting powder on top of their foundation. This product will make you change your mind, but only for this setting powder. It's so lightweight and sheer it doesn't even feel or look like you've put on any powder. It's so silky and reading the ingredients you can see why. This product contains the finest french cashmere talc which includes a radiant,light-reflecting formula. This product is completely oil free and can be used on your t-zone or all over your face to finish your look. It lasts all day and trust me, your make up doesn't budge and you look so airbrushed and flawless which is such a positive and wins over looking cakey and powdery!

5. Nyx Matte Bronzer.

This bronzer is perfect for all year round, not just the summer. It is very subtle with no shimmer to complete your matte look. It glides on flawlessly over foundation and powder and doesn't move around your face at all. It's perfect for that desired glow without looking to over the top. It's available in so many different shades you can't go wrong.

So there you have it, my guide to keeping a matte face whilst wearing some of the most popular products. I hope this helps you guys. Let me know what your face routines are with the type of skin you have.