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Valentine's Day Gift Guide |


Valentines Day is fast approaching and it's that time where we want to be able to find the perfect way to show the person we care about the most a way to say thank you and to show your appreciation. I chose aftershaves/perfumes for my gift guide from as I find fragrances all have that special scent that links you to someone. It's a remembrance of someones presence, also I find very romantic. I have gathered 6 fragrances for men and 5 for the ladies that I have personally gone round smelling so I know that they are very distinctive smells that stand out from the crowd. I hope you find one your special person in your life may love.

(deals end on 11/02/2016)



I hope you have found a fragrance that you or your loved one will like to really show off their personality. 

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YOUTUBE: My Everyday Makeup Routine


Hey everyone. Today I decided to do my everyday make up routine. Make sure to check it out on YouTube. I did this video just to show you the products that I use on a daily basis in hope that you guys will find something that you may want to try out as something new! Make sure to subscribe and hopefully see you back soon.

Let me know what your favourite products are to use everyday?


Sleek Makeup: Precious Metals Highlighting Palette


Hello everyone. I am back today with another product review of the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. I purchased this palette about a month ago and have fallen in love with it. Comparing it to my high end highlights I have used, this definitely matches. 

Now to give you some information about this palette and break it down. This palette has 3 luxurious creamy highlights and 1 powder highlight. All of the shades are metallic so they show up on the skin so radiant and bright. You can create many different looks using this palette. You don't just have to use the highlighter colours in your usual places. The creamy highlighters work so well as eyeshadows  or eyeshadow bases and the gorgeous pearl colour you see in the top left, can be used in the inner corners of your eyes and under your brow bone for a luminous glow. 

After trying these highlighters on a daily bases they do last the whole day without having to re-apply, which is what you expect from a high end highlighter not from a £10 palette so I'm very impressed! The creamy highlights just glide on and blend in so well with a contour. The main issue I sometimes come across with creamy highlighters is that they tend to stick in one place and don't blend very well on the top of foundation/concealer, but being honest these blend and dap on so fresh and flawless, with your finger or using a beauty blender/brush. This is a +++ for me! For recommendations if you have oily skin go for the powder as it will last longer on your skin, I wouldn't recommend the creamy highlights as they might glide around your skin throughout the day. 

Overall this palette is so beautiful and has now become the staple highlight in my collection. The packaging is super easy for on the go makeup and has a mirror which is a major pro. It also comes with the little brush which in all honesty I haven't used but would be very handy for topping up whilst I'm out and about. The swatches you see in one of my pictures don't give the product enough justice, the shades are so pigmented and definitely such a gorgeous palette. Hope you guys have a change to try it out. 

I've taken a picture to show you how glow my face looked after applying the shades in the places that Sleek recommend. I have the top right shade (Royal Gold) on my eye lip with Platinum (top left) in my inner corners. I used Antique Bronze (the powder bottom right) on the tops of my cheekbones, cupids bow, down my nose and the tip of my nose, basically everywhere that I put my concealer that I want to brighten. I dabbed Renaissance Gold (bottom left) underwear my brow bone to make that Royal Gold pop. 

Such gorgeous colours! 

How To Attack Dry Skin In The Winter Weather


As we say hello to a new year, we also welcome the colder months in England. Along with the colder months comes drier skin, chilly feel and cold red noses. Therefore we have to make sure that we keep up to date with the skincare products that we use so that they match what are skin is having to handle. 

There are many good reason to do something about dry skin. There are so many products that you can use that contain skin-repairing ingredients that prevent any moisture less and enhance your skins own natural beauty to stay silky and smooth throughout those winter months. 

I gather the answer to this question is, if you have dry skin anyone you are most likely to have 'dry skin' branded products anyway. It's just using them in the right way to maintain healthy skin throughout the colder weather. Your skin is going to be much more vulnerable to the cold. My facial skin gets terribly dry out in the cold, so there are more products you can add to your collection to keep your skin going throughout the day and keep your make up looking fresh. 

In order to win the battle winter weather can wage against you skin you have to make sure that you are picking up perfectly formulated products that will cater to this. Every morning and night your skin needs these protective barriers on them that will provide you with the protection you need against the weather outside. 

Here are some tips and tricks that may help you conquer that dry skin. These are tried and tested by me and definitely worked for my skin so i'm recommending them to you.  

Sunscreen (SPF)

Now with suncream I'm not saying you have to lather on suncream before you go out in the cold. We wear SPF without even knowing it. SPF is in most foundation so you are protecting your skin from harsh sunrise that there may be in the winter and all year round. If you have sun damaged skin, your skin loses the ability to work its natural oils correctly. So any damage can leave your skin lifeless. 


A well formulated moisturiser is very important. Especially if you are suffering from dryness, there are plenty of moisturisers that cater for people suffering from this type of skin. Try to find a moisturiser that is rich in formula, long lasting and massively hydrating.  A moisturiser with all natural ingredients will help improve your skin also. 

Gentle Cleansers

It is so important that you do not try to scrub away your dryness. Using gentle cleansers that soak into the skin with warm watch, get properly into the dryness and work their magic. It's harsher for your skin to try an scrub the dryness off with harsh soaps and exfoliators. Using a cleansing brush or cloth you can lightly work the cleanser into the area and you'll notice results easily. I like using my Olay Pro X Brush and work my cleansers into my face with warm water loosening up the skin. 


Don't forget your lips! My lips are the least capable of staying smooth in the dryer months. I always make sure I have a handy chapstick and mini vaseline pot in my handbag to boost my lips up throughout the day. The best trick that works for me is just to play vaseline over my matte lipsticks. 


Your hands are definitely the first thing to get cold in this winter weather so keeping them hydrated is very important. Nothing worse than having dry wrinkly hands! There so many nourishing hand creams available that smell divine. The best cream to get would be a rick moisturising cream that will soak up all the dryness the windy weather gives your hands throughout the day. 

Product list:

- Simple Replenishing Kind To Skin Rich Moisturiser 

- Johnson Face Care Refreshing Makeup Wipes 

- Carmex Lip Balm for Dry Lips 

- Nivea Rich Daily Moisturiser Cream For Dry and Sensitive Skin

- Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve for Dry Skin

Let me know what your favourite skin care routines are for dry skin, or if you have oily/combination or normal skin what products you use?

Until next time, lots of love. 

Rose Gold Makeup Tutorial | Rebekah Hazeldine


Hi everyone

I have finally done my first make up tutorial. This is my Rose Gold Inspired Makeup Look. It took me literally 3 days to get this right and edited how I wanted. I apologised for the original not having audio at the start, but its in process. I just wanted to get it up for you guys.

Hope you enjoy!

2016 Beauty Wish List


Today I thought I'd share with you my wish list of beauty products for the new year. Throughout last year I always find myself discovering products that I wish to purchase, therefore I place them on a little 'wishlist' on my phone. I then tend to decide when to treat myself every month with something off my wish list. It definitely makes it easier to remember what I was interested in at the time, as I never can remember everything. 

Here I have gathered up some products that I am looking to buy throughout the new year. Some of these products are new finds of mine and others are off recommendations or products I want to test out that are popular in the beauty world. These products never stay the same. I almost add to my wish list everyday so I can never get everything immediately. You may see reviews of these products on the blog in the future as I hopefully get to purchase them!

First things first, there are many different palettes I have been eyeing up recently as I have started experimenting with my make up and crawling out of my comfort zone. I have been loving some of the Mac eyeshadow palettes, theres too many to pick from. But when it come to deciding what look and colour suited me the most I decided I wanted to experiment with burgundy shades. So therefore the eyeshadow palette I am looking to purchase this year is the Mac Burgundy x 9 Palette. It has such a beautiful hue of shades and I particularly like the size and how compact the palette is, definitely a plus. 

Another palette that I have meaning to purchase over the last year when it was at it's peak is of course the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. I know that this is so raved about as a contour palette, but I have never convinced myself to purchase it, no matter how much I wanted to as I always settled for my high street palettes that I thought worked very well for me. But i've decided that this is the year I will purchase this palette. I have high hopes that this will change my make up game. 

A second contour method that I would love to try to see how it works is the Clinique Chubby Sculpting Contour Stick. For me I think this would be a very easy way to contour and to get it right for beginners. I have been contouring for ages now but would still like to try this as I have only used powders to contour.

I have been recently doing some beauty research into blush. I personally don't pick to wear blush and don't own any individual blushes. I recently saw a make up tutorial on youtube which made me fall in love with the Nars Orgasm Blush. It's such a lovely coral toned blush and I can't wait to see what it looks like with my make up looks. 

I'd be lying if I said there's only 2 lipsticks that I want for the whole year. But these are the 2 main ones that I would like the purchase. This year is the year for me to start building up my lipstick collection. The first one obviously a Mac Lipstick in Peachstock. I'm a lover of nude lipsticks and struggle to purchase anything else and this is one the mac lipsticks I have been wanting to try. The second lipstick that is more of a high end lipstick is the Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate lipstick. I have had this on my wishlist for a while now but keep shying away from the price. Again, a beautiful nude with a hydrating formula, perfect for the winter months. I have also included a liquid lipstick in my selection and this the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Aphrodite. I love the concept of a liquid lipsticks but my lips have always been to dry to try them. Now I've treated my lips for their dryness I would love to give one a go. This particular colour honestly wows me. It's such a nice pinky nude with such a glow and would look amazing with my make up looks. 

I have included one concealer and one primer in my wish list. I have heard so many good reviews about these 2 products. The concealer is the Nars Creamy Concealer. I have seen so many you tubers use this concealer in every single one of their make up tutorials and have high reviews of it. I would have to do more research into what colour I would be, but after watching tutorials on this concealer the consistency looks perfect and It looks like it blends in easily. I can't wait to try this one out. 

The primer mentioned in the Marc Jacobs Beauty Undercover Coconut Primer. This is the most recent beauty product on my wishlist. I have tried out only a few primers. I am currently using the Nivea Post Shaving Balm for Men. I know, your probably thinking why does that work?! It honestly sticks your make up to your face and gives it a flawless finish for hours. Moving on from that I would really like to try a Marc Jacobs product as I never have before. The packaging looks so sleek and clean, which is what attracts me. Reading the description on the website makes me think that it would provide me with such a flawless finish whilst hydrating my complexion, just sounds like a dream! 

Onto the most important part of my face, the brows. I have honestly only ever used 2 brow products my whole life. These are both hughstreet but they have worked out perfect for me. I get HD brows done so I don't need to worry about shaping my brows as such, more filling them in. I currently use a pencil, with setting wax and brow gel. I do want to move on from the pencil and more onto a crayon product. Thats when I discovered the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. The texture that this product gives looks like it's an easy product to use and it will just glide on, which is what I like. There's nothing worse than your brows taking you longer than your whole make up look, it has to be made easy, right?! So I look forward to investing in this product. 

Stepping out of the make up zone and onto skincare. The Illamasqua collection is something that I have lusted over for ages. The design of these products is amazingly beautiful. The concept behind the gel formula in the Hydra Veil, keeping it refreshed and ready to use is very clever and one of the main reasons why i'd love to try their products. I do have dry skin and this product sounds so refreshing and hydrating. One plus on this product is that it can act as a primer as well. This will definitely be something I am indulging into this year.

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Treat Yourself With Sanctuary Spa


We all love those days where you have the time to put into yourself. Having a pamper day whether it be before I go to bed or creating a fresh face for the morning, is essential for me. It makes me feel relaxed, ultra comfortable and happy. 

When it comes to a pamper session, this entails more beauty essentials just that your cream and scrubs. For me candles is a must have. I need to have a candle that has a very significant smell that is strong but relaxing. Another favourite of mine that I like to have around the house are diffusers. My favourite smell, included in the pictures above, is Vanilla and Almond this particular one is from John Lewis and smells divine. 

Onto the main feature of this post. I never had one particular brand that I used for my skin care routines, until I came across Sanctuary Spa products. Every single product I've tried from their range is so unique and like no other skincare product I've used. Sanctuary Spa have a wide range of beauty products. Including Skincare, things like exfoliators and moisturisers they have Body care, products for the bath, your hands/feet and nails and much more. The best thing about Sanctuary Spa is that they have actual Spa's in their shops, so that you can experience the Sanctuary Spa products in the most relaxing way with really helpful advisors at hand to share their knowledge about what products are best for your skin. 

I am going to share with you my two recent favourites from the Sanctuary Spa range that I have using religiously for a while now and noticed such an amazing difference in the glossiness an plumpness of my skin.

Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub

This product is honestly the perfect product after a long day at work and you just want to have a steaming hot shower and relax those muscles. This scrub is so indulging as it has thermal technology, so as you massage the scrub gently into your skin the scrub activates and heats up to give your muscles that deep tissues massage they may need. This products is made out of detoxifying kaolin clay which draws out all your impurities and opens up your pores giving them a deeper cleanse. When washed off it leaves your skin silky smooth and smells amazing. Nothing better than a deep cleanse and smelling beautiful and feeling relaxed is there?! This product is organic and vegan friendly which is a plus and leaves you with refined, smooth and silky soft skin. 

Luxurious Body Butter

This body butter is honestly the most gorgeous things I've ever felt and smelt. It glides on like water and is such a rich moisturiser it leaves you feeling so glowy and fresh. This product includes the finest butters, cocoa and shea, luxurious macademia oil. The butter also include sweet almond nut extract. When applied this product just melts and leaves your skin feeling plump. It's ideal before fake tanning and placing in your problem areas to leave them feeling moisturised all day long. A little bit goes a long way with this product and it feels like it never leaves the skin. When applied before bed, when I wake up my face and body still feels like I've just applied it. This product is also vegan friendly. Definitely a must for people with dry skin. You'll never feel dry again.

Let me know what your favourite skin care routines are day and night. If you have a particular brand that you think I might like let me know.