How To Attack Dry Skin In The Winter Weather


As we say hello to a new year, we also welcome the colder months in England. Along with the colder months comes drier skin, chilly feel and cold red noses. Therefore we have to make sure that we keep up to date with the skincare products that we use so that they match what are skin is having to handle. 

There are many good reason to do something about dry skin. There are so many products that you can use that contain skin-repairing ingredients that prevent any moisture less and enhance your skins own natural beauty to stay silky and smooth throughout those winter months. 

I gather the answer to this question is, if you have dry skin anyone you are most likely to have 'dry skin' branded products anyway. It's just using them in the right way to maintain healthy skin throughout the colder weather. Your skin is going to be much more vulnerable to the cold. My facial skin gets terribly dry out in the cold, so there are more products you can add to your collection to keep your skin going throughout the day and keep your make up looking fresh. 

In order to win the battle winter weather can wage against you skin you have to make sure that you are picking up perfectly formulated products that will cater to this. Every morning and night your skin needs these protective barriers on them that will provide you with the protection you need against the weather outside. 

Here are some tips and tricks that may help you conquer that dry skin. These are tried and tested by me and definitely worked for my skin so i'm recommending them to you.  

Sunscreen (SPF)

Now with suncream I'm not saying you have to lather on suncream before you go out in the cold. We wear SPF without even knowing it. SPF is in most foundation so you are protecting your skin from harsh sunrise that there may be in the winter and all year round. If you have sun damaged skin, your skin loses the ability to work its natural oils correctly. So any damage can leave your skin lifeless. 


A well formulated moisturiser is very important. Especially if you are suffering from dryness, there are plenty of moisturisers that cater for people suffering from this type of skin. Try to find a moisturiser that is rich in formula, long lasting and massively hydrating.  A moisturiser with all natural ingredients will help improve your skin also. 

Gentle Cleansers

It is so important that you do not try to scrub away your dryness. Using gentle cleansers that soak into the skin with warm watch, get properly into the dryness and work their magic. It's harsher for your skin to try an scrub the dryness off with harsh soaps and exfoliators. Using a cleansing brush or cloth you can lightly work the cleanser into the area and you'll notice results easily. I like using my Olay Pro X Brush and work my cleansers into my face with warm water loosening up the skin. 


Don't forget your lips! My lips are the least capable of staying smooth in the dryer months. I always make sure I have a handy chapstick and mini vaseline pot in my handbag to boost my lips up throughout the day. The best trick that works for me is just to play vaseline over my matte lipsticks. 


Your hands are definitely the first thing to get cold in this winter weather so keeping them hydrated is very important. Nothing worse than having dry wrinkly hands! There so many nourishing hand creams available that smell divine. The best cream to get would be a rick moisturising cream that will soak up all the dryness the windy weather gives your hands throughout the day. 

Product list:

- Simple Replenishing Kind To Skin Rich Moisturiser 

- Johnson Face Care Refreshing Makeup Wipes 

- Carmex Lip Balm for Dry Lips 

- Nivea Rich Daily Moisturiser Cream For Dry and Sensitive Skin

- Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve for Dry Skin

Let me know what your favourite skin care routines are for dry skin, or if you have oily/combination or normal skin what products you use?

Until next time, lots of love. 

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