Sleek Makeup: Precious Metals Highlighting Palette


Hello everyone. I am back today with another product review of the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. I purchased this palette about a month ago and have fallen in love with it. Comparing it to my high end highlights I have used, this definitely matches. 

Now to give you some information about this palette and break it down. This palette has 3 luxurious creamy highlights and 1 powder highlight. All of the shades are metallic so they show up on the skin so radiant and bright. You can create many different looks using this palette. You don't just have to use the highlighter colours in your usual places. The creamy highlighters work so well as eyeshadows  or eyeshadow bases and the gorgeous pearl colour you see in the top left, can be used in the inner corners of your eyes and under your brow bone for a luminous glow. 

After trying these highlighters on a daily bases they do last the whole day without having to re-apply, which is what you expect from a high end highlighter not from a £10 palette so I'm very impressed! The creamy highlights just glide on and blend in so well with a contour. The main issue I sometimes come across with creamy highlighters is that they tend to stick in one place and don't blend very well on the top of foundation/concealer, but being honest these blend and dap on so fresh and flawless, with your finger or using a beauty blender/brush. This is a +++ for me! For recommendations if you have oily skin go for the powder as it will last longer on your skin, I wouldn't recommend the creamy highlights as they might glide around your skin throughout the day. 

Overall this palette is so beautiful and has now become the staple highlight in my collection. The packaging is super easy for on the go makeup and has a mirror which is a major pro. It also comes with the little brush which in all honesty I haven't used but would be very handy for topping up whilst I'm out and about. The swatches you see in one of my pictures don't give the product enough justice, the shades are so pigmented and definitely such a gorgeous palette. Hope you guys have a change to try it out. 

I've taken a picture to show you how glow my face looked after applying the shades in the places that Sleek recommend. I have the top right shade (Royal Gold) on my eye lip with Platinum (top left) in my inner corners. I used Antique Bronze (the powder bottom right) on the tops of my cheekbones, cupids bow, down my nose and the tip of my nose, basically everywhere that I put my concealer that I want to brighten. I dabbed Renaissance Gold (bottom left) underwear my brow bone to make that Royal Gold pop. 

Such gorgeous colours! 

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