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We all love those days where you have the time to put into yourself. Having a pamper day whether it be before I go to bed or creating a fresh face for the morning, is essential for me. It makes me feel relaxed, ultra comfortable and happy. 

When it comes to a pamper session, this entails more beauty essentials just that your cream and scrubs. For me candles is a must have. I need to have a candle that has a very significant smell that is strong but relaxing. Another favourite of mine that I like to have around the house are diffusers. My favourite smell, included in the pictures above, is Vanilla and Almond this particular one is from John Lewis and smells divine. 

Onto the main feature of this post. I never had one particular brand that I used for my skin care routines, until I came across Sanctuary Spa products. Every single product I've tried from their range is so unique and like no other skincare product I've used. Sanctuary Spa have a wide range of beauty products. Including Skincare, things like exfoliators and moisturisers they have Body care, products for the bath, your hands/feet and nails and much more. The best thing about Sanctuary Spa is that they have actual Spa's in their shops, so that you can experience the Sanctuary Spa products in the most relaxing way with really helpful advisors at hand to share their knowledge about what products are best for your skin. 

I am going to share with you my two recent favourites from the Sanctuary Spa range that I have using religiously for a while now and noticed such an amazing difference in the glossiness an plumpness of my skin.

Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub

This product is honestly the perfect product after a long day at work and you just want to have a steaming hot shower and relax those muscles. This scrub is so indulging as it has thermal technology, so as you massage the scrub gently into your skin the scrub activates and heats up to give your muscles that deep tissues massage they may need. This products is made out of detoxifying kaolin clay which draws out all your impurities and opens up your pores giving them a deeper cleanse. When washed off it leaves your skin silky smooth and smells amazing. Nothing better than a deep cleanse and smelling beautiful and feeling relaxed is there?! This product is organic and vegan friendly which is a plus and leaves you with refined, smooth and silky soft skin. 

Luxurious Body Butter

This body butter is honestly the most gorgeous things I've ever felt and smelt. It glides on like water and is such a rich moisturiser it leaves you feeling so glowy and fresh. This product includes the finest butters, cocoa and shea, luxurious macademia oil. The butter also include sweet almond nut extract. When applied this product just melts and leaves your skin feeling plump. It's ideal before fake tanning and placing in your problem areas to leave them feeling moisturised all day long. A little bit goes a long way with this product and it feels like it never leaves the skin. When applied before bed, when I wake up my face and body still feels like I've just applied it. This product is also vegan friendly. Definitely a must for people with dry skin. You'll never feel dry again.

Let me know what your favourite skin care routines are day and night. If you have a particular brand that you think I might like let me know. 


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