Beauty Favourite: Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation


I have finally decided to do a post on my holy grail foundation. I have been wearing this foundation for many years so I definitely thought it was now time to share with you guys just how amazing it really is, if you don't already know! 

The basic facts that people normally want to know about a foundation are, is it cakey? does it last long?, what coverage has it got?, is it lightweight?, will it achieve a flawless look? I have tried many foundations all based on reviews that I read and first impression videos I watch on Youtube. I've spend £50+ on designer branded foundations and tried the £5.99 drugstore ones. After many years testing the waters with different complexions I discovered Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I first heard about this through my mum, she wore this and as far as I know she's stuck using it so I thought I'd have to at least give it a go. I never really saw Estee Lauder raved about online at the time purchasing this so I was a bit hesitant. 

Estee Lauder were very helpful when it first came to deciding on a colour as I had no idea what to go for. My neck was a lot darker than my face due to fake tan, so I obviously wanted it to match and blend in with my neck and she understood this. At first I got matched with a colour that turned out to be a bit grey for me in the undertone of the foundation but we tried one that had a yellow undertone and matched perfectly, just in case you are wondering this is colour 'Honey Bronze - 4W1'. This colour matches perfectly even when I'm on holiday for the evenings. 

  1. This foundation has very high coverage and you hardly have to use any product to achieve this look.
  2. This foundation is £30 but lasts ten times longer than a foundation you spend less on that you have to use more of. 
  3. This foundation has 15 hours stay, I personally think it lasts longer!
  4. You can rub your face and the product will not come off on your hands or clothes at all.
  5. It stays in place all day and does not move around your face.
  6. You can contour, conceal, correct all over the top of this foundation and it will not look like too much.
  7. You can build the product up to get your desired look.
  8. It has SPF 10.
  9. It is matte, lightweight and breathable.

Overall I absolutely adore this foundation. I can put it on at 6am for work, finish work at 8pm and it will still look perfect until I go to bed. I have had moments where my double wear has ran out and I go to try another foundation, I give it a few days and can't even compare it to the double wear. I will always go back to it so thats a very positive pro! I think the price is very good considering the product you are receiving the packaging is gorgeous in a glass bottle. One thing that most people don't like about it is that it doesn't come with a pump, however a little fact is that if you buy the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Pump, this actually fits on top of the Estee Lauder bottle which is handy! The foundation isn't watery so the way I like to use the product is to just tip the bottle onto my hand or straight onto my beauty blender as you have all control of the amount of product your get. 

So, overall if you haven't tried this foundation and want to I highly recommend giving it a go!

You can purchase it here:

Let me know if you have tried it and what your thoughts are. 

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