Long Lashes All Day - NEW Seventeen Long Lash Mascara


Hello my gorgeous readers! Today I am here with a drugstore product that I have been lucky enough to be sent to me by the wonderful people at Seventeen. If you know me well enough, you know that I am extremely picky when it comes to mascara's, as a lot of them tend to dot under my eye after half an hour of putting it on! So you can understand why it's hard for me to try and find one that doesn't do that. For that reason I was nervous to try this! 

Some facts about this product is that it is designed to give you longer looking lashes, obviously! This is exactly what it does. Seventeen have designed a wand that is smaller than your traditional mascara wand, meaning you can get into every lash possible, giving you the best results with each individual lash. The wand captures the lash from bottom to top giving you that really bold false long lash effect. I definitely saw these results.

The mascara is a very long wearing mascara, I can put this on at 6am and it'll still be smudge free and all still in place and looking very long before I take it off for bed. This mascara doesn't drop dry bits onto my face like some mascara's do after wearing them for long amounts of time. The brush is brilliant for blending in your top lashes into your falsies to! Personally for me I needed to apply 2 coats of this mascara to get my desired look. After 2 coats, this mascara doesn't clump it doesn't get sticky and concentrate in one place it glides on creating separated long lashes looking very natural. 

A massive comparison for me is that I was currently using the Estee Lauder double wear mascara and  going from a high end product, this is almost a definite dupe of this. I have not noticed any difference in comparison with the boldness, length of wear and the long lasting results. Definitely a good product by Seventeen. 

Currently retailing for £6.99 at boots here:

Hope you found a new product you love, take care!

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