The Professional Hair Game Changer: Envy Professional


We all love and enjoy having freshly washed hair. It's finding the right products to achieve's that same feel as when we leave the salon with a fresh look. I have finally found holy grails product that I can 100% recommend to achieve the salon finish look. 

After trying the 3 steps once I became obsessed with this set. When I was drying my hair after my shower my hair just felt so lightweight but not fly away or static at all. It was so easy to dry and dried very straight too, which normally doesn't happen easily. It felt so nice to run my fingers through and was very shiny. I wanted to see how long this lasted and It felt silky smooth until the 3rd day which is the average time in between that you wash your hair anyway! So I was very impressed. My hair was completely tangle free and so easy to brush through it felt as light as a feather. Waking up the next morning I was surprised to notice that my hair hadn't change at all. It was so smooth that my hair really hadn't moved around and tangled up like it would normally do and was still easy for me to run my fingers through it. I am going to run you through the 3 steps of this treatment to get the results that I did. 

This step is a treatment that you place all over your hair just to basically 'prime' your hair before you get in the shower. It is an intense treatment that restores your damaged hair for all hair types. The 12 Dual Fix Treatment delivers 12 treatments throughout your hair to relieve if from any harm and replenish and restore your natural oils in your hair to make it look fresh again. 

This shampoo is advertised as a gentle cleansing shampoo. I was so hesitant to try this as I dye my hair jet black and was worried that I was going to rub the shampoo in and my hair dye be stripped! The consistency of the shampoo is like an oil to give you that intense shine without being oily and greasy. It massaged beautifully into my hair generating loads of foam off the smallest bit of shampoo.  When washing this out I could already feel the difference in my hair being a lot smoother to the tip. The good thing about all these products is that they're suitable for all hair types and a massive +++ for me is that it doesn't strip any hair dye. 

This was my favourite step, being the final step this meant washing all the product out and getting your finished look. This conditioner had the consistency of a normal condition. It is designed to smooth out and detangle your hair to make it easier for styling your hair. Washing this conditioner out was a dream, my hair had never felt like that with any other conditioner, and again this didn't strip my hair at all. These products smell gorgeous too which is an added bonus.  I made sure I conditioned right up to my roots to give me that silky, smooth finish from the root to the ends. 

If you would like to try this out for yourself please visit the RRP price of the Envy Blowdry Set is £40 for my lucky readers I have a 40% discount code BLOG40 (valid till 29th Feb 2016)

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