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Hey Guys, I hope that you have all had a wonderful easter! Today I have decided to do a fun post that allows you to get to know my 'beauty' preferences better. I have 30 questions that I am going to answer this is anything regarding my beauty favourites, places I like shopping and my most used products. (All products mentioned have a link to purchase!)

1. Do you remember your first make up item?
I honestly would never be able to remember my first ever make up item. I'm guessing it was either something free in Shout magazine or a little lip gloss set!

2. Describe your favourite mascara?
I have trouble finding a mascara that doesn't fall under my eyes throughout the day. In the last year I have come across two mascaras that work for me. Conveniently one of them is high end and the other is drug store. The high end mascara is the one I am currently using and this is the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara. This mascara gives you amazing volume lasting all day. My other favourite mascara is the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara. This mascara lasted me a life time and it's such a good price for Max Factor. My favourite thing about this mascara is the quality and shape of the brush. 

3. What kind of coverage do you like in a foundation?
I personally like a full coverage foundation. For a semi-matte finish definitely the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. For a sheer full coverage foundation the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

4. Favourite high end brand?
Estee Lauder or Mac

5. What cosmetic brand do you want to try that you haven't yet?
I want to try a few Laura Mercier and some Kat Von D products. 

6. Favourite drug store brand?
I love the Makeup Revolution palettes & some MUA/Sleek products. Hard to choose but Rimmel and Maybelline are definitely brands I enjoy. 

7. Do you wear fake eyelashes?
Yes, everyday almost. My favourite lashes I have worn daily for months are the Eyelure Lashes No. 143. I have recently been wearing the Eyelure Lahes No. 141 and love these ones too when they are in stock!

8. Is there any kind of makeup that you can't leave the house without?
I do like to have make up on when I leave the house. I'd at least have a base on but nothing else to pop out. 

9. What is your most cherished product?
This is a tough one it would have to be between my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation or my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

10. How often do you shop for make up?
If I'm being good I can go a week without finding new products I want to try. On a bad week it could be up to 3 times a week I find myself at those make up counters without meaning to and I will somehow always find a new product I don't own. 

11. Do you have a beauty budget or do you spend freely?
I wouldn't say I had a budget necessarily but I'm sensible. 

12. Do you use vouchers, beauty reward cards or sale when you shop for makeup?
I always use my boots advantage card to build up the points so I can eventually treat myself for free or my loved ones. If somethings on sale then that's just even better!

13. What product do you buy the most of?
I re-buy Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick No. 43 without fail overtime it runs out. 

14. Is there a brand you can't stand?
I'm open to any make up brand when it comes to testing out makeup. 

15. Do you ever avoid certain ingredients in make up products?
In all honesty I never look at the ingredients, maybe I should start!

16. Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?
I go everywhere really. Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis, Debenhams. When I know a products and I'm just re purchasing sometimes I find products cheaper on or feel

17. Do you like trying new skincare products or do you stick to the same routine?
I always love to look at what skincare products are out there and to see if theres anything new I can try. I don't have a set routine. It always depends what mood I'm in. 

18. Favourite bath/body brand?
The Body Shop

19. If you could buy from one brand who would it be?
Definitely Estee Lauder, I already use their mascara, foundation and eyeliners/lipliners. I trust this brand so much. 

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging?
With an exception to the Louboutin lipsticks it will have to be NARS packaging for me. It's so sleek and simple. 

21. Which celebrity always has great make up?
I find Olivia Culpo's make up always gorgeous

22. Do you belong to any online beauty communities?
Not that I know of!

23. 5 favourite beauty gurus?
Huda Beauty, Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel, InTheFrow,  Danielle Mansuitti.

24. Do you like any multifunctional products like lip tints or cheek stains?
It all honestly I have never been a fan or gone out to buy these products.

25. Are you clumsy with putting on make up?
I like to think not but I probably am sometimes when I'm in a rush. When i'm not in a rush I take care in trying to make it look perfect for me.

26. Do you use a primer for your eyes?
I tend to just place my concealer on my eyelids.

27. How many hair products do you use?
I'm terrible with my hair really. It's not something I am interested in as much as my skincare and beauty products. I wear hair extensions on a daily basis and occasionally do hair masks and use smoothing serums depending on my desired look. 

28. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
I always apply foundation first as I use my concealer to brighten up my face, rather than cover up imperfections. 

29. Do you ever consider taking a make up class?
I would love to. I know I would learn so much stuff, I just never got round to it. 

30. What do you love about make up?
I love how many different products are out there to experiment in. Make up is a fun way to create yourself and express your love for experimenting with different looks. I think it'd amazing that you can change your whole look just by changing what lip colour you wear. If make up makes you feel good then wear it and try new things, don't be afraid of it cause in the comfort of your own home you can just wipe it off and experiment some more!

I hope you enjoyed this style of post to get to know me and my favourite make up pieces. I hope you found something that you want to try out! I tag anyone that wants to have a go at answering these, make sure to leave me a link so I can check out your answers!

How Positivity Can Help


Many of us would think that when someone says to us 'just be positive' that suddenly positive feelings arise and just develop. Obviously we'd all love for it to work like that. Positivity, I believe, is something that is a lot more than being happy or showing off an upbeat attitude towards life. Having positive thoughts can produce an impact on life and build a happy force that lasts longer than just your average smile on a daily basis. Once positive thinking takes effect it'll start to notice in your attitude towards everyday things, not just in your facial expressions and overall attitude but most importantly in your health.

When negative emotions journey into our thoughts we tend to latch onto these emotions and focus on that specific feeling. It's as if our thoughts go into overdrive, this is when we tend to 'over think' our negative emotions. Our negative emotions tend to consume us to a point where we don't think about anything else. It works the same when we worry about a certain situation on a daily basis, you may get to the point where your brain spends all day revisiting that worry, which can lead to further negatives down the line. When you have negative thoughts drumming through your mind for countless hours a day this can lead to a negative lifestyle, for example, worse case scenario, it could get to the point where you skip eating and get into a routine of not taking care of yourself properly.

Positive thinking can be tough and it doesn't mean that you can hide away and run from life's less pleasant situations. Positive thinking just means you approach life's unpleasantness in more of a beneficial way. It's so helpful for me personally, to take the negative situation and pick 3 positives, even if it means having to really dive to find something good out of the situation, I can guarantee you will at least find one. The idea of this is to then let yourself really focus on the positive thought and you'll gradually let the negative feeling float away. If you start to get yourself into a routine where you find the positives in any negative situation you get yourself into, it'll start making you a more optimistic person as you'll begin to practice more positive thinking.

I think that everyone gets to the point where you realise that there is beauty behind most things, it just takes time to see it in some situations. You can be in such a deep, dark place, thinking that there is no way out but it just takes courage to see that there is a brighter place. It really does take it out of you, thinking about everything in a negative light and dwelling on negative thoughts. It takes a lot of self belief and drive to start the process in seeing situations in a positive light. You need to start by identifying the areas that need to change and follow a healthy lifestyle. Making sure that those in your life are supportive. Surrounding yourself with unsupportive, negative people will only make your stress levels worse and lower your self ability to manage your situation in a healthy way.

Overall, you need to find a place where you are content and happy with life in general and filter in happy moments to wash out the negative ones. It takes time but we all get there eventually. Remember to never blame yourself and try to smile always as a smile is so beautiful to others and it will make you feel strong and amazing.

'Photo's taken at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge'

Glowing Skin with GLAMGLOW


It's a massive dream for us to all have hollywood glowing skin. The problem is finding the right products to create this illuminating look. There are so many facial treatments out there, for different types of skin, whether your looking for a treatment for anti-ageing or a restorative facial to reactivate that natural plump in your skin again, there are many to choose from. You can spend from £1 to hundreds of pounds trying to get that long lasting skin you desire, whether it's trying to create it at home or splashing the cash on a spa weekend and praying they create a miracle.

I have tried many face masks, mud masks, clay from cliffs collected on holiday's to try stimulate my skin in replenishing itself but none of them give me that long lasting effect unless I kept this up with a daily routine. I needed to find a mask that was going to make me feel rejuvinated and refreshed for a long period of time with the least amount of hassle. So you can imagine my excitement when I was lucky enough to receive some samples from the GLAMGLOW collection. I have heard people rave about their products and was always interested on how people got outstanding results using these.

So, the first product I'm going to talk about is the GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment (the white tub). This mask retails at £44.99 and is so worth every single penny. The main treatment that this mask has to offer is that it minimises pores and clears out your blackheads. It also sorts out all your problem skin, attacks blemishes and any underlying spots you may have about to make an appearance. When I first put on this mask it glides around your face evenly allowing you to get into all the areas around your face. It had a strong minty fragrance which smelt amazing which helps a lot! Once you apply a thin layer to the skin the mask tightens and should be left for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed off with warm water, or a damp flannel. This treatment provides you with immediate results pulling out the dirt and pores when rinsed off. The best part is you only have to do this twice a week for maximum results.

The second product which so far is my favourite by a mile is the GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, this mask is world renowned for proving your skin with that glowing complexion we all crave. This mask is a must for people that want to receive exceptional results. This mask retails at £49.99 and in that price you're provided a 3 day glow and brighter, radiant skin in minutes. You can use this alongside your normal skin routine, I would recommend right at the end of your regime or before your moisturise. The amazing thing about this product,  when put on the face it tightens and tingles, the mask will gradual dry on your face and start to get really tight, once the mask is fully dry, once washed off it exfoliates the face due to the volcanic minerals in it. This mask is suitable for all skin types and available to use for both men and women. This mask 100% does what it say it does and has won many awards to prove that globally. 

The final mask that I am yet to try is the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. I am very excited to try this mask. This mask would be ideal with someone that suffered with dry skin as GlamGlow have labelled it a 'Thirst Quenching Hit in a Jar'. I'm excited to see how hydrating it is on my dry areas. This mask retails at £49.99 and provides a highly advanced extreme hydration to provide your skin with long term results. I cannot express how amazing this mask smells, it has extracts of orange, ginger root, apple and coconut oil, smells divine! This mask is advertise as a day/night and in-flight mask. I am looking to try this before bed, they say that this method is for extremely dry skin. So I am excited to see the results for this one.

I have found some links to alternate websites where you can get the masks for a lot cheaper than off the actual website. 

GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment (£39.95) £10 OFF -

GLAMGLOW Mud Treatment YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment (£37.95) £12 OFF -

GLAMGLOW SuperMud Clearing Treatment (£34.99) £10 OFF -