How Positivity Can Help


Many of us would think that when someone says to us 'just be positive' that suddenly positive feelings arise and just develop. Obviously we'd all love for it to work like that. Positivity, I believe, is something that is a lot more than being happy or showing off an upbeat attitude towards life. Having positive thoughts can produce an impact on life and build a happy force that lasts longer than just your average smile on a daily basis. Once positive thinking takes effect it'll start to notice in your attitude towards everyday things, not just in your facial expressions and overall attitude but most importantly in your health.

When negative emotions journey into our thoughts we tend to latch onto these emotions and focus on that specific feeling. It's as if our thoughts go into overdrive, this is when we tend to 'over think' our negative emotions. Our negative emotions tend to consume us to a point where we don't think about anything else. It works the same when we worry about a certain situation on a daily basis, you may get to the point where your brain spends all day revisiting that worry, which can lead to further negatives down the line. When you have negative thoughts drumming through your mind for countless hours a day this can lead to a negative lifestyle, for example, worse case scenario, it could get to the point where you skip eating and get into a routine of not taking care of yourself properly.

Positive thinking can be tough and it doesn't mean that you can hide away and run from life's less pleasant situations. Positive thinking just means you approach life's unpleasantness in more of a beneficial way. It's so helpful for me personally, to take the negative situation and pick 3 positives, even if it means having to really dive to find something good out of the situation, I can guarantee you will at least find one. The idea of this is to then let yourself really focus on the positive thought and you'll gradually let the negative feeling float away. If you start to get yourself into a routine where you find the positives in any negative situation you get yourself into, it'll start making you a more optimistic person as you'll begin to practice more positive thinking.

I think that everyone gets to the point where you realise that there is beauty behind most things, it just takes time to see it in some situations. You can be in such a deep, dark place, thinking that there is no way out but it just takes courage to see that there is a brighter place. It really does take it out of you, thinking about everything in a negative light and dwelling on negative thoughts. It takes a lot of self belief and drive to start the process in seeing situations in a positive light. You need to start by identifying the areas that need to change and follow a healthy lifestyle. Making sure that those in your life are supportive. Surrounding yourself with unsupportive, negative people will only make your stress levels worse and lower your self ability to manage your situation in a healthy way.

Overall, you need to find a place where you are content and happy with life in general and filter in happy moments to wash out the negative ones. It takes time but we all get there eventually. Remember to never blame yourself and try to smile always as a smile is so beautiful to others and it will make you feel strong and amazing.

'Photo's taken at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge'

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