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3 Perfect for Summer Palettes from Seventeen


Summer has been creeping around lately, which means we tend to want to dress a bit lighter and carry less on us. Seventeen have come up with these perfect size compacts that are light and streamline and not bulging up your make up bag at all. These handy compact kits have been made to cater to a selection of looks so you'll never have to rock one make up look when on the move. I have been lucky enough to get to change up my looks with a lip, contour and eyeshadow kit. There are endless looks you can create with these palettes. There's a range of colourful shades in the eyeshadow palette or rock the bold red lip with winged liner? There are endless combinations that meet daytime and nighttime trends depending on what time of look you go for. I'm going to show you each individual palette with swatches so you can see how the product appears on the skin.


This gorgeous palette of bold reds and metallic golds are so creamy and lightweight on the lips with a non drying finish and long lasting formula. This palette is perfect for on the go, containing a applicator and mirror. This 'Woo Me' Palette is a definite go to for that bright summer look. You can even layer the metallic colours for an extra glow!


This contour palette is the nicest palette I have come across for that perfect defined contour. The deeper powder works to define the face. I find the shade of this powder a very warm toned, which works in with the shadow of your cheek bones perfectly, without looking muddy or too brown. These powders blend in perfectly to the skin. The lighter powder works to illuminate the skin and is perfect for your under eye. The two colours work very well blended together to give you that perfect powder contour. 


The 'Easy on the Eye' Palettes are available in 'Birthday Suit' which is their nude palette and 'Big Smoke' which is the palette I am sharing with you today which is for more of the smokey eye look. This palette comes with everything you need to create the perfect smokey eye look. It features 8 matte, shimmer and pearl powder shades and 3 metallic cream shadows and 1 eye primer. The primer works a dream to keep you look going all day definitely perfect to have in a palette. All the colours in this palette are wearable for day or night looks, so there are endless blended looks you can create. There is a huge range of textures and finishes so you can define, contour and highlight your eye giving you that bold finish. I can't wait to experiment more with this palette  A top tip is to use the metallic colour for under your brow bone to give you that strobe effect!

All Seventeen products are currently 3 for 2. It's a good excuse to purchase all 3 of these palettes to create some gorgeous looks this summer!

Have fun experimenting!

New Beauty Purchases May 2016.


I have recently picked up a few bits a pieces that I would like to share with you guys as I have found them to be very successful part of my make up collection. All these purchases I find to be affordable, there are only 2 items you could count as 'high end' due to the price that you pay for them, which is totally worth it for the quality by the way! So, here's a look at what I have stumbled across and what I think of the products, hope you enjoy. 


The Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer  is one concealer that the whole of the beauty industry is aware of, it's spoke about on most youtube channels and seems to be the go to concealer that works for everybody. I always find myself trying new concealers but always going back to re purchase this product. I find with the concealer I never have to worry about under eye creasing, it just glides on and stays put all day which makes it the ideal concealer. This concealer is great for the person that loves a brighter under eye as it contains a brightening formula, so all the shades add a bright touch up to your make up.  The main thing I love about this product is the applicator sponge, it makes it so much easier to apply.


I haven't had a massive amount of time to properly try out this foundation. I wanted to try something new and when I tested this out in the shop I was amazed at the coverage it was giving. The Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation covers everything you would want to cover up on your face. It does not budge all day but I do recommend a primer and setting spray for this. This foundation gives a semi-matte finish and doesn't let your oily patches come through throughout the day. The only thing with this foundation is that you do feel it on your skin, it's not very lightweight. Then again if you are getting such a high, full coverage from it, I would expect to feel it on the skin! It is very hydrating and a little bit of product goes a long way. 


I am constantly on the search for nude lipsticks, they're definitely my go to and the easiest to match with different make up looks and outfits. I have had this lipstick on my wish list for a while but always shy'd away from purchasing it. I am no so glad I did. The Mac Peachstock is the nicest peachy-nude. This lipstick has the gorgeous vanilla scent that the mac lipstick is known to have and glides on beautifully. This lipstick can still be quite drying if you don't apply a balm to your lips but it is very long lasting and doesn't need much re-applying after eating or drinking. This lipstick pairs well with the mac lip glasses as it looks amazing more glossy. Definitely one to add to your nude collection!


This Rimmel Sculping and Highlighting Kit designed by Kate Moss has been my favourite contour palette and I already know I will be repurchasing this after a month of using this every day. It is a 3 step contour kit. At the top of the palette there is the most gorgeous highlighter I have used to date. This highlighter is the main reason I will be repurchasing this product. It glides on flawlessly without looking powdery at all and you can top it up to give you an amazing highlight without looking like you've packed on loads of product. This is a seriously underrated highlighter! The second pan is your contour colour, this colour is a deep, bronze shade giving your face amazing definition. The last colour is your blush colour, it's a perfect glowy, peach shade with a slight shimmer. This product honestly makes my face glow and look so healthy, every powder has a shimmer in it so your not making your face look flat and powdered up. This is 100% the best make up product i've purchased in a long time, I am highly impressed. I purchased mine in the deeper shade - Coral Glow.


The Dove Dermaspa range is amazing in itself but this particular product from the range has been my holy grail, day and night for a few weeks now. I have fairly dry skin and this product has just fixed that in a matter of days. The DermaSpa Goodness Body Oil is a rich, moisturising body oil that has an amazing scent to it. This oil is not greasy at all and blends into the skin giving you a gorgeous glow. Over the past few uses, putting this on in the morning and before I go to bed I feel like my skin has locked in this product and absorbed it making my skin feel silky smooth, allowing my make up to apply a lot easier and not cling to my old dry patches throughout the day. This is a gorgeous oil for all over the body to give your skin that velvet feel. 


I am always on the search for a tan that is going to give me that amazing colour, that lasts long and doesn't rub off in a nasty way. I am always going to boots and reaching for the well known brands, like St Tropez, St Moritz and Bondi Sands. I decided to go and check out my local Sally's store which is a wholesale store for beauty traders and stumbled across this product. The lady ensured me that this tan fades in an even way without looking patchy. She was so right, this tan lasts ages even when exfoliating in between. This product is enriched with vitamin E so it won't cause your skin any irritations. The best thing about this tan is that it is a spray which I find come out flawlessly on the skin. It has a 360 nozzle so you don't have to worry about not being able to reach any of those difficult places. It doesn't have a strong scent to it and it develops very rapidly and adjusts to your skin tone giving your that gorgeous brown toned tan, no orange! It is also an amazing price. -

That is it for the products I have recently purchased that I am loving. I hope you have found something you may want to try!