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Manuka Doctor: Lip Enhancer, Facial Peel & Rapid Lift Mask.


Hey guys, it's been a while right? To put a long story short it's been a busy few months. There have been some big life changes. First of all I moved again into another flat of my own which I am slowly falling in love with...I'm sure there will be a 'home decor' blog post to follow! I have also been working a lot and just finding my feet in what I want to do. 

I am back now and will start to organise my blog better, I promise! I want to dedicate a day or two during a week where I will put a post up and interact with you guys more as my audience is growing and i'd love to reach out to you guys more and find out what you like to read!

Now to stop rambling and down to the amazing collaboration that I have managed to do with Manuka Doctor. The first time I saw Manuka Doctor was on Kourtney Kardashians instagram and thats when I discovered that this brand used bee venom and honey. This definitely made me want to try these out to see what results it gave my skin. I can definitely say after trying a lot of creams and mixing up my skincare routine multiple times this has been my favourite routine to do with noticeable results of fuller, firmer skin. Not to mention the smell of these product is amazing.   


The Purifying Facial Peel is the most addictive product for me. I am obsessed with using this  in my night routine once or twice a week. It leaves my skin feeling baby smooth and freshly plumped and appears a lot firmer. I love the concept of being able to put this on your skin, leave it for 10 minutes and you can see it clearing out your pores and cleaning up your skin and then just peeling it off it's so simple and quick. This product uses bee venom and Manuka honey to leave the skin glowing and looking very healthy.  


My lips have been loving me ever since I've started refreshing them with this beautiful lip enhancer. This lip enhancer has been clinically proven to plump your lips up in just 5 minutes which is truly does. The results are incredible if you're looking for that perfect pout. When first applied it gives your lips a strong tingling and plumping sensation and refreshes your lips intensity for full moisture that lasts days. The best bit is that it tastes like peppermint, so delicious! 


This mask has become part of my skincare routine on a daily basis. It is so easy to apply without having to worry about washing a stubborn mask off and only takes 10 minutes to work its magic. This creamy formula goes on your skin so smooth and smells divine. After you leave it to dry and plump out your skin all you have to do is wipe the excess off with a wipe. Easy as that! This has made my skin so much clearer just after a few applications and makes my make up application so much smoother. Thought the day my skin just feels fresher and constantly hydrated. This mask has won many awards and you can visibly see why! Definitely a must have Manuka product. 

Let me know if you try any of these products or are a big fan of the Manuka Doctor products already. I am very grateful to get the chance to try out these products.