Finding That Perfect Mascara


Not all eyelashes are the same, there is such a variety of options when it comes to mascara. What type of wand, length of wand, black or brown. There are also so many different techniques with applying your mascara depending on how you want your lashes to look. Do you want length, separation or thickness? 


If your lucky enough to have long natural lashes, there is so much option with what you can do. You can pretty much use any mascara to create your desired look. You can add a little lift or curl to open up your eye or drag your lashes to the side for a sexy, feline cat eye. 


Choosing a smaller, thin wand will help enhance shorter lashes, if the wand has dense bristles it can capture every individual lash to extend and coat them evenly to give you a bold lash effect and high definition. 


Are you stuck with those straight lashes that don't like to curl upwards? I certainly am. I've got so used to just chucking on a pair of lashes but have never used a lash curler before now. This is definitely a must and helps a lot to lift those stubborn lashes. I also use the technique when using a bushy mascara brush of rolling the wand as I apply. This helps a lot to coat the lashes to thicken them up ready for the eyelash curler to work its magic. 

Just a quick short, sweet and hopefully informative post for your guys. I had a bit of time off but I'm back now and hopefully be blogging 2-3 times a week! More soon to come! 
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