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For That Special Occasion | Dower & Hall


A few months from being away from my blog to gain my motivation back for it has done me some good. I am so happy that I feel confident enough to produce content again after feeling like my blog wasn't good enough and the content I was producing wasn't up to the standards I wanted it to be. After reflecting on this I have had some time to gather my thoughts and get my passion for beauty and this blog back in its place.

I am happy to have the opportunity to get to partnership with Dower & Hall, to have a quick peek at some of the luxurious, precious pieces they have available for you to indulge on.

There are many beautiful collections each with their own unique style, making it that extra special to treat a loved one with a gift that fits their individual style perfectly. 

These beautiful 18ct gold bracelets are an ideal present. Dower & Hall also allows you to personalise these bracelets by adding charms and choosing your bracelet in Gold, Silver & Rose Gold. You can then go on to pick out of the 25 different coloured stones they have available. 

Here are some other stunning pieces from their range

More blog posts to come soon! 

Love, B x