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My Top Foundations For Full Coverage

I have always found myself so fussy over foundation. Hunting for the perfect foundation is so difficult as it's something that you want to look perfect on the skin, so getting it right is sometimes a chore. I personally like to have a full coverage base, so here I have 5 foundations that I think fit that perfect full coverage, everyday look. 

This has to be one of my all time favourite drugstore foundations. At under £10 you can't go wrong. L'Oreal have this foundation in 23 matchable shades. I find this foundation easiest to put on with a beauty blender it leaves a gorgeous semi-matte finish to the skin and has such a lightweight formula you don't feel like you have any make up on your face. This foundation stays on my face perfectly all day without having to really touch up. 

This foundation is one of my favourite more towards the higher end foundation products. This foundation is oil-free and very hydrating. I feel like when this foundation is put on this skin it is like you're airbrushing your face and blurring out any lines. This defiantly does last up to 15 hours on the skin looking flawless. It has a medium to full coverage which is build able and it's lightweight and comfortable on the skin. I feel like this foundation is ideal for all skin types. 

When L'oreal bought out this foundation I was so excited to see how it would be on the skin. I honestly love this product, it's super full coverage and so easy to blend out without being drying. Yes, this foundation does cover tattoos which is incredible and the foundation doesn't transfer, let alone budge throughout the day. I love combining this with the L'oreal True Match foundation to create my perfect base. This foundation has a limited colour range but they have covered most shades. This is definitely a must have in your foundation collection. 

I have only recently been introduced to this foundation and from the first application I fell in love with it. This foundation was perfect on the skin giving you super full matte coverage but very lightweight with hi-pigment. It made my skin look and feel beautiful, like I wasn't wearing any make-up. This foundation also looks flawless on camera, with or without flash. This is my new everyday favourite and at such a good price it's definitely on level with the higher end foundations.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup - £29.25 (on offer) RRP: £32.50

Double wear will always be my favourite high end foundation. Everything from the formal to the finish, the colour range, is perfect. This foundation you don't have to worry about once you've put it on first thing in the morning, it'll stay perfect all day whatever you are doing. It has a natural, skin like finish but very full coverage. This foundation also looks good on camera, pretty much like you just have flawless skin.  What I do love about this foundation is that it is the colour that you want, it doesn't oxidise or change throughout the day. This will always be my all time favourite foundation. 

I'm sure there are loads of foundation out there that are really good, this is just a little taster of what I like! 

How To Keep Your Skin Plump and Firm | Nip + Fab


The Nip + Fab range is without a doubt the best drugstore, affordable brand that I have tried. They never fail to impress me with every single product they produce. My favourite so far from the range has to be the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Range. This brings me nicely onto these two products my skin has been loving me for recently.


If you want your body to feel hydrated and firm this is definitely the product you need to add to your everyday skincare routine. This product works to improve the appearance of your body contours for a firmer, slimmer appearance. This product is advertised to use ideally post-workout or after a hot shower to sink into your skin for fast acting results. This product contains unislim which helps contour and sculpt the body, cocoa butter which softens and smooths the skin and caffeine extract which helps to improve the texture and tone of your skin. 


This product I truly fell in love with from the first time I used it. This product is a super rich moisturising body cream accompanied with bee venom. I massage this into my whole body morning and evening and it visibly makes my skim more plum and firm. The bee venom is a special ingredient  in this shuffle as it fills and smooths fine lines for youthful looking skin and also contains propolis extract fighting against bacteria and viruses against the skin, promoting a good healing ability for the skin. This gorgeous smelling soufflĂ© also contains beeswax, shea butter and honey to help keep the skin nourished and soft throughout the day. This is definitely my favourite product at only £5 at the minute definitely a bargain. 

A Pretty Little Autumn Wishlist

Hey Guys! It has been ages since I did my last blog post and it definitely feels like it. However, I am looking to get the ball rolling and getting in lots of new posts which is exciting and I am super excited to be getting back into the blogging world. 

How on earth is it September already?! I feel like now the weather is getting a bit cooler we are reaching the cosy months where we can snuggle up in a cosy jumper and re vamp our whole wardrobe and fill it with new season staples. I have been having a look on to have a catch up and see what new items they're bringing in for the autumn months. It's exciting to see what pieces i'll be putting together to wear for the next few months. 

I have saved a few items that I picked out as my favourite pieces to show you guys below, there are so many fantastic pieces by PLT to pick from I'm sure you'll find loads of staples to fill your wardrobe with!