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My Fake Tan Routine 2018


Hey girls! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last done a blog post but I’m back and I want to share with you my current fake tan routine.

I have definitely experimented and tried the majority of tans on the market. I have found my top products I will 100% be sticking too for my current routine. I have done a post about my favourite fake tan products, but never shared my routine with you, so I thought I'd do this today. I thought it would be fun to share the process with you.


Prepping your skin is so important and definitely a skip i'll never miss, even if I'm in a rush. Smooth, moisturised skill will take to the fake tan better, without leaving any streaks or patches on drier bits of skin. I will always fake tan straight out the shower, so whilst I'm in the shower I will start off by using an in shower moisturiser. My favourite is the Nivea Body In Shower Moisturiser. This leavings my skin silky smooth ready to shave my legs for the perfect tanning base. I will then use an exfoliating scrub. I have been enjoying the Flake Away scrub by Soap and Glory. I always use exfoliating gloves for this step, I just get these cheap from primark! When I get out of the shower I use my NIP and FAB body slim fix cream all over my body. This leaves the skin firm as its a thick moisturising cream, that also smells amazing! I leave this for about 30 minutes to sink into my skin properly otherwise the fake tan won’t apply how I want it too. 


My favourite fake tan currently is the 1 HOUR EXPRESS TAN BY BONDI SANDS. I have always been a lover of the Bondi Sands tan but this one has stood out for me along with some other products in their range I use to keep my tan looking it’s best. I usually like to go for a deep, dark tan and this gives me exactly that with just one application. The product comes out quite dark so you can see where you have applied. It only takes 1 hour to develop for a dark tan. Me being me, I do tend to leave mine on overnight and wash off first thing, just to guarantee that deep tan. I am currently just using any fake tan mitt to apply this. It does dry quick so you have to apply quite rapidly. I apply in circular motions around my body till I feel that it’s blended in. I do grab my mum to apply the tan to my back just so I don’t miss any bits! It does have a very strong smell mixture of coconut and biscuits but it does smell nice! 

The reason why this is going to be my go to fake tan is because I feel that it has lasted a lot longer than any other tan I have used. I’d normally get 3/4 days with out of a self-tan. However this one I do reach the 7 day mark before I restart this whole process again.


In between showers to top up my tan and to keep up its golden glow. My go too product is the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tan Oil. I tend to put this on my face, chest and legs before bed and it keeps my tan going for longer. This product also gives my skin such a glow and a perfect base for make up. I always make sure I moisturise my dry patches, (knees and my elbows) just to make sure the tan doesn’t dry to these places whilst it’s developing and to maintain the tan there as well. 

I hope you have found this useful! What’s your favourite fake tan brand? Don't forget to click the links to purchase the products! 

Becca x