Feeling The Fever with Jimmy Choo


This year Jimmy Choo have definitely been the ones to raise the temperature with a brand new fragrance the Eau de Parfum Fever. This fragrance is an addictive one, not only is the smell divine with notes of black plum nectar, vanilla orchid and jasmine amongst many other exotic, unique smells this fragrance is effortlessly flirty and glamourous. Definitely one for the floral perfume lovers. 

I have always adored the Jimmy Choo range of fragrances, they have always been my go to and I was so excited when I saw they brought out a new one, I just had to have it! I was extremely excited when my partner had gifted it to me for Christmas and I just couldn't wait to wear it! 

The packaging of this fragrance is beautiful. The outer packaging and bottle matching the fragrance being a deep plum colour and the matching plum metallic effect on the outer box is truly stunning. 

What is it like to wear?

The three words I'd use to describe this perfume would be - addictive, sexy and flawless. I feel like I can wear this perfume so easily during the day and it's also perfect for when you want to chuck on your best date night outfit with your bouncy blow dry and red lippy. It's a win-win! It lasts all day on the skin, definitely a perfume to give you ultimate confidence and make you smell like a goddess.

Is this the fragrance for you?

If you love any of the other Jimmy Choo fragrances you'll love this one even more! Also, if you're drawn more towards the fruity and floral hints in a fragrance you'll really enjoy this smell. If you're a fan of the Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb then this is a similar scent for you to try but fancy a slight change. I do feel like this scent is suited for the majority of people as it's not too overpowering and I've received so many compliments from friends who wouldn't normally go for something floral, so it's definitely worth going into your local perfume shop and having a sniff!

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