The Hair Care Treatment Every Bathroom Cabinet Needs


Philip Kingsley has easily become the worlds go-to 'hair guru'. He has a very long list of Hollywood clients that trust him to provide them with the best of the best when it comes to their hair care routines. He is the world leading hair care expert on hair and scalp care. So if you're having a struggle finding the right hair care routine you should definitely invest in this beautiful set.

This contains 5 of the most popular hair care items in the Philip Kingsley range. It caters for people who are looking for the ultimate volume and shine. 

I have always been anxious about introducing a new hair care routine into my life as I have tape in extensions and coloured hair, so, as you can understand, I always have to be careful! I only had to use this full regime once to realise why it has so many amazing reviews. My hair was left feeling the same as when you leave the hair salon, soft, sleek, lightweight and so fresh. The smell of the products is incredible and it is suitable for coloured hair too, which for me, is a bonus! 

What does the 5 piece set contain?

Body Building Shampoo (250ml) - this is ideal for fine and textured hair, the shampoo gently cleanses whilst adding lots of volume, body and shine. This made all my flyaway hairs I normally have when I blow-dry, smooth and sleek. 

Moisture Balancing Conditioner (250ml) - this conditioner works so well with the shampoo above, it is ideal for medium, wavy hair. This conditioner made all my dry ends disappear gliding it through the mid lengths of my hair to the ends. It definitely provides easy detangling so I could just brush through my wet hair, no problem. 

Elasticised (150ml) - This is a pre-shampoo treatment that delivers a rush of moisture inside the hair cuticles to increase the manageability of your hair but smoothing the outer lay of the hair to give a sleek silky texture. This is put on for 15-20 mins before you shampoo to give your hair an extra treatment. Almost acting as a hair mask. 

Maximiser (125ml) - This is a volume styling spray for fine, limp and flyaway hair that helps provide  body whilst adding some shine and smoothing any frizz. This I use on towel dried hair before I blow-dry in my roots. I sometimes use this after I have styled my hair to provide extra shine and to flatten down any unwanted hairs.

Polishing Balm (75ml) - This is a rich balm that protects and styles the hair in one smooth application without leaving any residue in your hair behind or built up product. I use this on towel dried hair before I style as it leaves me with smooth hair that I can easily brush through. 



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